Experience with donkeys

Cross with donkeys the centuries-old paths of the transhumance of the Sibillini.

If you have children the experience is also perfect for them since the donkey is a very docile and quiet animal.

You’ll stop for a packed lunch in unspoiled nature nestled in magnificent views.

Place: Monti Sibillini National Park
Duration: flexible
For adults and children.

Experience with the cheesemaker

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In the heart of the Monti Sibillini Park, enter a dairy to learn about the ancient cheese maker’s profession.

Learn how the pecorino typical of the Sibilla lands is born and visit the ancient caves, precious places for maturing the cheeses. Meet the Sopravissana sheep, an autochthonous breed at risk of extinction.

The day will end with a tasting of cheeses and other local products.

Place: Casette di Macereto
Duration: flexible
For adults and children

Paragliding experience

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Are you ready to live an experience that gives great adrenaline and lots of emotions?

Then a clear sky over a spectacular nature awaits you: suspended in the air with a paragliding with an instructor you will admire magical landscapes, unique panoramas reserved only for birds. The only thing you have to take with you is the desire to fly!


Flight time: 15/20 minutes

Location: Riviera del Conero or Sarnano

For adults and children from the age of six (with parental consent)

Difficulty: Easy, no particular requirement is required just to be able to make a run with the rider

All the necessary technical equipment is made available to you.

Sport shoes, sunglasses and a windbreaker are recommended in case it’s a cool day.

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Experience in the kitchen with Vergara

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Experiential Tourism: put your hands in the dough and cook with the Vergara!

Guided by our staff, she prepares the traditional first courses of the Marche cuisine: cresc’tajat, tajuli pilusi, macaroni … And everyone is ready to eat at the table, enjoy your meal!

Since ancient times, the rods have been considered the priestesses of the family, of the domestic hearth and of tractions based on peasant experience.

With this experience you will come into contact not only with the secrets of traditional cuisine but with a world with an ancient flavor imbued with anecdotes of wisdom.

Farm experience on the farm

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of cultivating the land?

Become a farmer for a day and experiment with country work; you will collect the products of the land and, after working in the fields, you will share in the typical conviviality of the rural world the traditional peasant dishes.


Place: Rapagnano

Duration: 4 hours

Suitable for adults and children.

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Experience of the ancient art of potters

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of modeling clay?

With this experience we take you to Montottone, known as “lu Paese de li coccià” (the town of potters) where for centuries the craftsmen have handed down the art from father to son.

Today only one shop remains to continue the tradition.

And right there you will have the opportunity to admire the master potter at work and to manipulate the clay to create your personal object to take home as a souvenir.

At the end of the experience there will be a tasting with local products.


Duration: 4 hours

Availability: all year

We recommend only a lot of creativity and desire to get your hands dirty.

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