Montegranaro and Sant’Elpidio a Mare

Arrival in Montegranaro, heir to the ancient Roman city Veregra, a village located between the Chienti Valley and that of Tenna, capital of luxury shoes handmade.

Accompanied by a guide, you will visit the ancient churches and the gentile palaces, the Tower of the Annunciation with its mysterious crosses, the ancient Romanesque portal of the lost church of the SS. Salvatore, the church of St. Francis and its splendid late Gothic portal.

The private chapel of Palace Svampa already Church of St. Michael Archangel (sec. 17), St. Peter’s Church and the Church of the SS. Philip and James.

The itinerary will end with a visit to the Ecclesia of Sant’Ugo, a small church of rare beauty and great historical and artistic value with inside a cycle of magnificent Romanesque-Gothic frescoes of the sec. IXIV-XIV.

Then you will visit a historic artisan workshop awarded for Italian excellence where you will learn directly from thecraftsman-artist the secrets of creating a handmade shoe.

Our journey will continue to Sant’Elpidio a Mare, a medieval village almost entirely with the ancient walls, which, in spite of its almost namesake Port Sant’Elpidio, the sea sees it from a hill.

You will visit the Museums of the village: the Museum of Footwear where you will know the transformations that have undergone footwear.

From the first medieval approaches to the more recent productions that, in many cases, represent real works of art, the result of the skill and mastery of local artists.

The “Vittore Crivelli” Art Gallery that houses two jewels of Italian art such as the polyptych of the Coronation of the Virgin and the triptych of the Visit of the Virgin in St. Elizabeth.

Precious works by Vittore Crivelli, witness to the Venetian influence in Marche art.

Diving into the old town along the Baccio course, you will arrive at the characteristic Piazza Matteotti, dominated by the Gerosolimitan Aisto Tower.

Wonderful testimony of the presence of the knights of mortar, with the two majestic churches of the Collegiate Perinsigne and Mercy.

Comfortable footwear is recommended.