The rental service with driver (briefly called RSD) is carried out by professional drivers in possession of the specific requirements and valid documents that enable them to carry out the activity.

The activity of RSD provides transfer services or transport in general to any destination; one or more days tour in tourist locations.

The drivers have knowledge of the routes as well as a good knowledge of the territories visited during the service; they can indicate restaurants, shops, information on entertainment, shopping, culture but they are not tourist guides.


The service is provided with cars and minivans up to 8 passengers; the vehicles used are subject to review once a year.

Each passenger is covered by a regular insurance policy that Veregra Tour has stipulated for its vehicles with third parties.

Passenger properties are, instead, transported entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who declares the property at the time of booking; Veregra Tour is not responsible for loss or damage to luggage; anyhow the transport of dangerous or illegal goods is not allowed.

It is advisable to take out a personal insurance policy for any coverage of medical expenses or loss of baggage.

Each passenger must declare the number of suitcases carried at the time of booking for a better organization of the journey.

It remains at the discretion of the drivers to load bulky items on the cars that are not declared or excess luggage or that do not have the conditions of safe transport (broken, dirty, wet suitcases, etc.)

The animals must be declared at the time of booking, in order to take all the measures necessary for transporting the animals and to avoid damaging or soiling the car.

Please advise at the time of booking the need to install a child restraint system on board. Veregra Tour declines any responsibility regarding the homologation and safety of the same.

Veregra Tour collaborates with other rental companies with drivers with the same standards of quality and can use these for the performance of services when it deems it appropriate.

Veregra Tour undertakes to bring its vehicles or vehicles driven by external collaborators in time to the departure and / or arrival dates; however, it will not be responsible for delays due to exceptional causes (adverse weather conditions, traffic, accidents, demonstrations, airplane or train delays).

If the Veregra Tour proves to be unable to transport the passengers to the destination booked and paid for reasons under its control, it will arrange for the transfer by external means (TAXI, RSD, rented car) and subsequently to reimburse the customer for the cost of such transport upon presentation of receipt / invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer cannot exceed the rates in force for the same agreed route.

Veregra Tour, in the case of costs and losses due to errors and delays due to its work, undertakes to reimburse the sum of € 100.00 per booking.

Veregra Tour reserves the right to change parts (or all) of these agreements at any time without giving notice to customers, tour operators or agencies.

The customer is obliged to report any problems arising from outages or failures directly attributable to our work within 7 working days.

We will take care to quickly resolve any inconvenience and loss in full customer satisfaction.










Passengers are obliged to fasten their seat belts wherever occupied by the vehicle and for the entire transport period.

To users of the rental service not allowed:
Smoking during transport

Throw objects from both stationary and moving vehicles
Dampen or damage the vehicle
Request the transport of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the renter, all the measures necessary to avoid damaging or soiling the car

Require that the transport be made in violation of the safety and behavior rules provided for by the current Highway Code.
Keep a behavior suitable for distracting or dangerous driving

Since our services are completely customizable, the rates are shown only for some of them.

The rates are agreed directly with the customer at the time of booking.

A minimum period of 3 hours applies for services with cars available.

Pick-up services from / to the airports have dedicated rates.

Rates include

car with driver
VAT, taxes
motorway tolls, fuel, parking, limited traffic areas

Rates do not include

Rates do not include

night surcharge + 10% (from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am)
holiday surcharge + 20% (Christmas, New Year, Easter etc)

driver’s board and lodging, entrance tickets for museums, tourist guide, meals, tastings, tips.


Full advance payment by bank transfer (a commission may be applied by your bank)

Paypal (a commission of 3.4% + € 0.35 per transaction will be applied).

On-line with credit cards (a minimum commission of 1.4% + € 0.25 per transaction will be applied to a maximum of 2.9% + € 0.25 per transaction)

Any cancellations must be communicated via email to and expressly accepted by Veregra Tour in the same way.
No penalty up to 7 days before the booked service; in the case of advance payment, the entire amount will be refunded to the customer.

Between 6 and 4 days before the booked service 50% of the amount
Cancellation received 2 days (48h) before the service or cancellation not received 100% of the amount

The case of canceled flight / train or ship landing and / or non-communicated timetable changes excludes the right to have the car available and a penalty equal to 100% of the service amount will be applied.

In the event of flight / train or ship delay of more than 30 minutes, the customer must notify the telephone number +39 327 3523806.

A maximum waiting time of the booked car is guaranteed of 30 minutes from the requested time, exceeding this limit the extra waiting amount for each minimum fraction of 30 minutes will be applied: € 10.00 for standard cars, € 20 for minivans, € 30 per flagship.

In the event of natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, floods) if possible the service is moved to another date or an alternative destination proposal. If none of these options is feasible, no charge is made to the customer or, if he has already paid, he is 100% reimbursed.

In the event of a weather alert issued by the Civil Protection or by specific orders issued by the Municipalities affected by the weather events, Veregra Tour can, in advance, cancel the service. If there is no possibility of changing the date of the service, nothing is charged or the service is refunded to the customer.


Last revision of 03/04/2019